Overdosing at the Art Copenhagen Fair

Normally I would be in Forum for the Fashion Weeks Up scale Fair (Danish standards); Gallery.

I found it quite refreshing to be there for the Art Fair, not being in the “ OMG have you seen her dress, it’s last years model!!!”- usual clientele. I was in unknown territory and first impressions were exciting.

I took my time admiring the first couple of stalls. I’m truly amazed by the amount of art in one place, though almost being too much I’m trying to keep my mind open to the expressions and thoughts that are being awakened by each piece I encounter.

Only 20 min after arrival though, I get dizzy from all the influences and I realize that I have to be more picky about what I want to focus on.

First artist I wrote some notes about was Helle Mardahl. With her background in fashion, I’m almost feeling a relation to her change of career. She does quirky stuff, and at some point inspired by fashion. I am always drawn to her work, even though it sometimes scare me.

Her works seemed fashion inspired. They contain everything from fabric to paint to photographs and expresses a certain double anxiety or fear… I actually admire people, who understand how to brand themselves, especially in the art industry.

I did come looking for ceramics as well, which there wasn’t much of.

Penny Byrne 2
pennybyrnePenny Byrne redecorates fine traditional porcelain figurines, some mutated, possessing a strong signal about war and human rights. Interesting to study and quite striking with the sarcasm and irony between the material and signal.

Maria Rubinke

Maria Rubinke, I just love her little cupcakes, dogs and babies. They are brilliant!! And such a naïve and strong expression and telling it’s story very clearly.

Wish I owned one!

Maria Rubinke 1

The fair was filled with humor, quirkiness, irony and sarcasm. Picking topics that chock the hell out of most people or topics, situations that haven’t even crossed ones mind… if you’re lucky, there might be something sweet and about love…

One thing came to me, while walking around the aisles, Love is often priced cheaper than sarcasm. Funny, almost like life should be, right?

In my opinion, if it makes you think afterwards, if it makes you angry or have other strong feelings, it’s good art….and often those feelings are not evoked by sweet, cute, love or goodness, although that is what we really want to look at, isn’t it?

Would I go again? Definitely! I need to go with a different strategy next time, not analyzing everything I pass, but definitely, it was educational and it gave me a good feel of what’s hot now and what isn’t.