More Spots

Spot tea w plate3
Tea cup and plate in the series of SPOTS.

The collection consist of tea and coffee cups, saucers and small plates. You can mix and match the items and use them in different ways. Place the cup on the plate or use the plate as a trey, it’s up to you to create the story.


Teacup 270 dkk (3pcs.750dkk)

Plate 200dkk

Saucer 120dkk

Exploring Porcelain

In June 2009 I finally fulfilled one of my long time goals, to attend a ceramics course. I signed up for a 10 day intermediate course, hoping that it would be all what I’ve dreamed it would be… it was much much more. 

I loved it soooo much, and ended up renting some space at the ceramics school. And for the whole summer I went to ceramics every single day….still loving it and evolving. Clay has a fantastic ability to make you feel relaxed and productive at the same time.

So here are some of the stuff I’m working on…

Porcelain Cup and Saucer


My first thoughts about a cup and a saucer….

Each and everyone is shaped invidually, all thrown or moulded by hand. These cups and saucers want to create life and movement in a table setting.

I personally have a thing about cups. There’s something deliciously satisfying about holding a beautiful shaped cup filled with the round soft taste of coffee and milk. Especially if the cup is completely unique.

Cups with saucer 3pcs. 700dkk