Inspiration for SAVE THE WORLD


I was once told, by a drunk engineer, that we, mankind, would have to destroy two thirds of the world’s population in order to SAVE THE WORLD.

There might be some truth to it…

I do believe it would help the planets survival. However, there are of course other ways for us to survive, the question is just how? There are a few exciting options and solutions being offered but the main question is whether anyone is willing to sponsor them.

The equation to be solved is;

CO2 = People * Services * Energy * Carbon

Bill Gates claims, to stop temperatures from rising, we will have to become completely CO2 neutral. Anyone with a small understanding of math, can see that one of these elements will have to come pretty close to ZERO for that to happen.

My work

My works are an analysis of what will happen in the future. Will we still have animals? Will we desperately try to integrate with the animals, or try to make the animals integrate closer with us.

Who are we trying to save? Knowing human nature, we are going to save ourselves. But who are the actual winners and losers in this war?

Will it be fashion to disguise ourselves as animals because they are all extinct? And because we want to remember them?

Or are we going to choose to be animals ourselves to keep the balance?

These are some of the questions that I´m trying to illustrate and interpret through the series “Save the World”.

With some irony, some naivety, and the fact that the beauty of things isn’t always what it seems to be. We all have to look deeper within ourselves to find common solutions.


Sara Stilling